12 years of experience

Production and design history of agricultural valves and fittings more than 12 years

The best agricultural experts

Experts and consultants with experience in setting up and installing pipes and fittings

Implementation of irrigation system

Setting up and installing the best quality irrigation systems

High Quality

High quality and cheap price are the features of Sarm products

Trust our mechanized irrigation systems and consultants

سارم پلاست

About Sarm Plast

Manufacturer of irrigation tapes, pipes and drip fittings

With a history of activity in the field of irrigation equipment and drip fittings from 1982 to 1996, which with the help of God Almighty entered the field of production in 1996 and with the brand and name of Sarm Plast in this field, we have started production.

In the first year, with the production of irrigation tapes, and in the following years, with the production of irrigation fittings, including drip valves, and since 1998, the production of water supply and agricultural pipes has been on the agenda of Sarm Plast.

درباره شرکت ما بیشتر بدانید


With a great variety in the production of irrigation tapes and irrigation fittings, we can provide all the needs of your farm and appear in the competitive market with the best price.


Due to the fact that the senior managers of Sarm Plast Company are active in the field of agriculture and have a farm called Sarm Kesht and also have a 20-year history of activity in the field of agriculture, therefore, understand all the concerns of farmers and their competitors. They do not have a history of activity in the field of agriculture, they produce higher quality products and provide them to farmers in the best way.

Sales throughout Iran

Due to the high quality and variety of the company’s products, it is now selling its products throughout Iran, and among these in neighboring provinces such as Ardabil, Qazvin, Kermanshah and Zanjan province has been met with unparalleled welcome.

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why select Sarm Plast?

Agricultural experience

Sarm Plast team has 20 years of experience in agriculture

Strong consulting team

Our strong consulting team can be your guide

Commitment to work

High work commitment has increased the quality of Sarm Plast work

Smart solutions

We have smart solutions for you by saving time and money

100% guarantee

Our solutions and services have a quality guarantee

5 main reasons for choosing Sarm Plast

Optimal quality of service and services
High quality at a reasonable price and cheaper than other companies
Free consultation on irrigation systems
Agriculture consulting
Implement irrigation systems as soon as possible

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